professional presence

Whether you are in a meeting or giving a presentation, you have one chance to make a positive first impression. How you are perceived in those first moments significantly impacts your ability to establish trust, credibility, and the potential for a productive long-term relationship. Learn impression management and presentation skills to represent yourself and your company professionally.

Build Credibility and Manage How You are Perceived

Learn How to Get In SHAPE to Make an Excellent First Impression:

Introduction – Good introductions include first and last names.


Smile – Sets the tone and conveys warmth and friendliness.


Handshake – A quick and effective way to establish rapport.


Appearance – Your appearance makes a powerful statement.


Posture – Good posture conveys confidence and competence.


Eye Contact – Positive eye contact shows interest and sincerity.


Topics Include:

Business Presentation Skills
First Impressions 
Engagement and Rapport
Nonverbal Communication
Business Attire 
Corporate Culture

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dining etiquette

Managing the social and entertainment aspects of business conducted outside the office environment is a key business competency.

From extending the invitation to paying the bill, this comprehensive dining tutorial will teach you the practical aspects of planning and conducting business during a meal.

Dining Etiquette FAQs

When do I start talking business?


Topics Include:

Effective Business Entertaining   
Extend the Invitation
Select the Restaurant
Host and Guest Duties
Seating Arrangements
Toasting Tips and Table Manners
Two Styles of Dining
How and When to Order
Napkin and Silverware Savvy
When to Talk Business
Dining Dos and Don’ts
Paying the Bill

Assuming the purpose of the meal is business, it is appropriate to start talking about business after exchanging a few pleasantries and ordering the meal.

Do I have to order dessert if my client does?


Yes. Consider it an investment in the relationship. Never let your guest eat or drink alone.

maximize your mingle

Companies value employees who possess good networking and rapport-building skills. The more effectively you develop relationships, the greater your chances of success.

This interactive program takes participants through the process of finding the right events to effective follow-up.

You can't shake hands through voicemail or have lunch with an email. Some things are better in person.

Increase Your Visibility and Cultivate New Business Relationships

One of the most important features when attending an event is the entrance you make. Almost everyone watches the entrance to a room. Use this to your advantage.

Build Your Network 
Distinguish Yourself
Prepare for the Event
Work the Room

Join a Group
Exchange Business Cards
Gracefully Depart a Conversation
Follow Up and Connect

Rise Above the Competition
Manage Time, Drinks, and Appetizers
Engage in Small Talk and Conversation
Introduce Yourself and Others

lights, camera, video!

The public health environment redefined our work day, and many of us transitioned to a work-from-home arrangement.  

Video conferencing became the norm but what works in person does not always work on camera. This program will teach you how to be camera ready and set the stage for a professional video experience. 

Topics Include:

Working Remotely

Eye Contact

Body Language
Vocal Quality
Appearance and Attie
Active Listening

Business Communications

The pace and increasing virtuality of business has fueled the adoption of a broad range of tools and technologies but left a critical gap in communications protocol.

This session focuses on developing your skill set to leverage the full range of communications tools and techniques. Participants will learn how to select the appropriate tools and language for a variety of business scenarios and avoid classic communication errors.

Communications Etiquette for a Digital Age

Topics Include:

Appropriate Use of Electronics
Professional Email 
Business Meeting Protocol

Telephone/ Voicemail Etiquette
Voice, Language, and Grammar
Texting and Messaging
Business and Thank-You Notes

lunch and learn

A Lunch and Learn is a fun training event, team-bonding activity, and enjoyable way to learn or brush up on new skills. Consider hosting one for your employees and customers to enjoy together as an opportunity to enrich their working relationship. Theresa will work with you to create a one-hour bite-sized program.

custom programs and 1:1 training

Each organization is unique in its goals and objectives. To help ensure that your training needs are met, Theresa will create a program tailored to your specific requirements. 

Choose from any of the programs for a one-on-one training session. Or, schedule each team member to individually present a sales pitch to Theresa and she will provide verbal and written feedback to help them hone their presentation skills.


Bring geographically-distanced teams together with video conferencing. 
Choose from Theresa's programs, including creating a custom event tailored to your specific goals. And yes, a Dining Etiquette Tutorial also works on video!

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